Chromecast integration

(Niels Commandeur) #1

I have started using Zwift on Android on my Google Pixel 2 and it works very smooth so far!
My biggest complain at this moment is that I can’t cast to Chromecast from the Zwift app itself.
What I currently do: mirror my phone screen to a monitor via Chromecast. However, this way I cannot use the Zwift Companion app or other apps simultaneously.

IMO this would be a great addition.

Besides that, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the feature suggestion! Yes Chromecast is not officially supported but the Android Beta is still young, the future holds many surprises :wink:

(Leon Evans[Cardiff Ajax]) #3

+1 for this feature!

(Rafael Roijackers) #4

Does someone have experience with Chromecast? Does it mirror well or do you have delay on the screen?

(Peter Castrop) #5

I use Chromecast and there is no delay. The quality on the big screen is not great (especially the New York course), but I think that is because of the limitations of my Samsung A8.

(Rafael Roijackers) #6

Thank you for your reply. I have an samsung Galaxy s7 edge, so I think that it must work also. Which Chromecast edition do you have? 2015, 2018 or the ultra edition?

(Drew Smith) #7

I mirrored from a pixel 2 and it worked well. Graphics looked pretty good.

(Rafael Roijackers) #8

Do you have the normal Chromecast or the ultra edition?

(Laurent T) #9

Ok for me with classic chromecast and galaxy s7

(Rafael Roijackers) #10

Thank you. Thats bettter than buying an Appl TV device. Hopefullyy they’ll fix the problems with kinetic and then I can buy one.

(Peter Castrop) #11

I use the Chromecast 2015 (model NC2 6A5)