Chromecast integration

I have started using Zwift on Android on my Google Pixel 2 and it works very smooth so far!
My biggest complain at this moment is that I can’t cast to Chromecast from the Zwift app itself.
What I currently do: mirror my phone screen to a monitor via Chromecast. However, this way I cannot use the Zwift Companion app or other apps simultaneously.

IMO this would be a great addition.

Besides that, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feature suggestion! Yes Chromecast is not officially supported but the Android Beta is still young, the future holds many surprises :wink:


+1 for this feature!


Does someone have experience with Chromecast? Does it mirror well or do you have delay on the screen?

I use Chromecast and there is no delay. The quality on the big screen is not great (especially the New York course), but I think that is because of the limitations of my Samsung A8.

Thank you for your reply. I have an samsung Galaxy s7 edge, so I think that it must work also. Which Chromecast edition do you have? 2015, 2018 or the ultra edition?

I mirrored from a pixel 2 and it worked well. Graphics looked pretty good.

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Do you have the normal Chromecast or the ultra edition?

Ok for me with classic chromecast and galaxy s7

Thank you. Thats bettter than buying an Appl TV device. Hopefullyy they’ll fix the problems with kinetic and then I can buy one.

I use the Chromecast 2015 (model NC2 6A5)

Full chromecast ingratiation would be great! At the moment i do screen mirror using my phone but fine it jumpy too!
Is there a suggested way of getting the full tv screen experience? Im assuming a usb C to HDMI cable is probably going to get the best results at the minute…


Another voice requesting native Chromecast support! Mirroring my phone screen via the Android system cast function is one thing, but native support would be great!


I would just like to try the Beta but it’s no longer available for download on Android to test.

My wife just tried the Zwift app with wireless mirroring to a Vizio D-series with built in Chromecast support using a Note 8. It worked great over the hour or so ride, with only an occasional skipping.

Would be interesting to hear if this was actually something that was going to happen because at the moment I’m a bit fed up with watching this on my S8 (still a good experience) when i have a 32inch TV sat right next to it!
I’m half considering an Apple TV (can’t justify the cost to my Mrs) just so that I can have that BIG TV experience but don’t want to spend that £150 if Chrome-cast is on the radar in the near future?
I know people on here have a decent expereince by mirroring their phones but i get lots of jumping and cut outs doing it that way. :disappointed_relieved: So have to keep reverting back to the phone screen!

Buy USB-C to HDMI cable to connect to TV. Galaxy S8 supports this. I bought this cable:

Sadly my Oneplus 5 doesn’t support this because it has USB-C 2.0, you need phone with USB-C 3.1


+2 for this feature

I would also like this please.

Hi Vincent, the Android app is now out of beta and it’s been almost a year since you your comment. Do you know of any current plans to build native Chromecast into the Android app?

Many thanks, Ken