Chromecast integration

This would be a great addition, would simplify the use of large screen and tablet a lot.

This would be really nice! I don’t like that I need two devices to use the companion app and zwift itself.
It would be way better if I could send the Screen via cast to TV from my phone and control zwift at the same time on my phone with the Companion gui. To cast zwift with the phone works already really good. There is nearly no delay. Please at the cast function nativ in the app!
Are there until now any plans for it?


I run Zwift on an Android phone and cast the screen of the phone via Google Home-app to an Android TV with chromecast built in. It was working very well until yesterday, when I bought a new phone. I went from Sony Xperia ZS to Sony Xperia 5, and now the casted pic on the TV runs much slower (minus 5 minutes in 20 minutes real time). I haven’t sorted this one out yet, but guess it might be something related to resolution on the new phone. Any one else experienced this?

Samsung Galaxy S8 but could not cast to my Nvidia shield, no option for it so i went and bought a USB C to HDMI and did that, but with this option it would be nice to allow the selection of resolution to 1080 because the quality looks like it is at 560p or 720p out from the phone