Able to mirror phone to TV using chromecast

Happy to report that I’m able to mirror my Galaxy S7 screen to the TV using Google Home/Chromecast over WiFi.
Works fairly well


Do you just do the Home App mirror device and then start the app ?

I sometimes see some lag on my s8, but the resolution is great. My wifes s6 works, but the resolution is low and laggy.

Can you tell how to mirror my S9+ to Chromecast please. Do I need to have an app to do this?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Stephen_Lanigan,

You must install Google Home on your Android Device. Once installed, open the Home ap and select the icon in the bottom right corner that looks like a person in a circle. Then choose to Mirror device. If you have setup your Chromecast properly, it will display your phone screen on your TV indicating it has connected. To use Zwift, simply open it and launch as usual.

Thanks Darin, look like I have a internet connection issue that is the main problem so I have to work on that to get it too work - modem to far away, needing, probably a new modem and wifi extenders.
However, plugging my Samsung phone to the TV works a treat.

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so just buy chromecast and install google home and I can send zwift on my tv