Is your chromecast pixellised in the distance?

Hello All

I am using a chromecast ultra and my Galaxy S7 to screen mirror Zwift on my fullHDTV (no 4K)
This works but with a great deal of pixelisation in the distance. On the screen of the telephone it looks fine though. On the TV, it is somewhat blurrry when pedaling.

should I change my telephone for a S9? should I use a PC instead?
Is “native chromecast” being developed at zwift ?

note: Also on the S7, some terrain is missing, grass and snow take over the road.

It takes a lot of bandwidth to mirror the display wirelessly. It’s best to just use a cable to hook up the phone to the TV directly.

Also, there’s no such thing as native Chromecast since Chromecast is best used for streaming movies from a server, not for interactive use.

thanks a lot FRiC,
Cristal Clear !

that kind of cable ?

Sorry, I checked and apparently the S7 was the one where they disabled MHL (mobile high-definition link) and opted for wireless display. It came back on the S8 when they realized wireless mirror is hopelessly slow. The cable you linked is for newer phones with USB-C ports.

So I guess you’re stuck with using the Chromecast for now.

Thanks again,
I guess, i will have to go for S9 or S8