Low cost tablet for Zwift Android Beta

What is a low cost Zwift Android Beta compatible tablet?
I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone but would just like a bigger screen.
The S6 does not support MHL/HDMI output so I can’t simply use a wired connection to a TV.
My spare TV is not “smart” so no screen mirroring/Miracast option.
I have tried Chromecast to TV but the image and lag were pretty bad.

I have a Teclast T8, which wasn’t too expensive, and works reasonably well with Zwift (it is a bit slow on the NYC course). Personally I’m waiting to see if there are decent Black Friday specials on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 - the Snapdragon 660 in it should handle Zwift quite well (cheapest model is currently below $200 on Gearbest, for example)

If you have another android tablet you can use their side sync app to cast your phone screen to a tablet which seems to work well. I have not tried it out in anger yet, only testing in watch mode.

You have to download sidesync on both your phone and tablet and then follow the instructions. Plenty of Youtube tutorials on how to set it up as well.

Hello there you can simply cast your phonescreen on your TV with using a Chromecast Stick. Works fine with any android device and you can even use it to mirror you PC screen, when you install google chrome on the pc. If you need help to setup your chromecast let me know. A chromcast cost around 40 Dollars so it will be the cheapest solution and it can be cool to mirror you phone for other things like netflix or youtube too.