List of devices that run Zwift smoothly on 4k Chromecast

Hello everyone,

and sorry if this has been asked like million times and or this is simply an idiotic question, but I have used Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 2nd gen Chromecast for little over two years.

Two weeks ago I decided to purchase the new 4k version and after purchasing that, the Zwift literally looks like a 8-bit game on my TV, and not in a good way.

I have tried to lower the resolution from 4k => 1080p => 720p and it still does not work properly and I have talked to Zwift and Chromecast customer service about it, but to no avail.

So I guess it is just time to upgrade my Zwift phone to a better, not too expensive smartphone or tablet and I remember few years back there was a database of devices that worked well with Zwift, so was just wonderin if You fine folks would know of any such list/database or would be able to give recommendations on reasonable priced smartphones and or tablets?

Thanking everyone in advance for the possible help in this matter.

Basically you need a Windows PC with a dedicated GPU to run Zwift in 4k. Phones, tablets, and Apple TV won’t do it. If that interests you, I recommend joining the ZPCMR Facebook group. There is a “Files” tab in the group with PDFs that contain everything you need to know. The best Zwift PC is not exactly the same as an ideal gaming PC since it doesn’t get much benefit from extra CPU cores.

I would be absolutely fine running Zwift with 1080p, I basically got the 4k version just because it was on sale and it cost the same as the previous model.

So I am more in the line of smartphones and tablets for Zwift.

You should be able to do 1080p @ 30fps on any decent new phone, tablet, or Apple TV 4K model. (If you want something smoother than 30fps you’re still looking at a desktop/laptop computer of some kind.)