Zwift / TV / Connections

Hi there, I am looking for suggestions. I run Zwift from PC to TV using Chromecast. It all works well, but I would be prepared to spend a bit more to improve. PC is NVidea 1660 and i5 processor so that is as good as I will go there.
But I am keen on suggestions / experiences for adaptive sync TVs, and also would I remove a lot of lag by using an HDMI cable instead of Chromecast?
Any other tips to tune up the experience?
Many thanks!

Your PC is more than good enough to max out the game at the highest resolution (4K) and detail (Ultra) at 60fps in solo rides. Adaptive sync TVs are expensive and won’t work with your graphics card anyway. Just run an HDMI cable, using a Chromecast will be damaging your experience massively.

Check your PMs.

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