Smart TV?

Would love to be able to do Zwift on my SmartTV without having to connect my laptop or buying an AppleTV hookup

I am using a 43 inch LG TV not smart but a bigger screen. I bought a HDMI cable, along with an HDMI adapter cable for my iphone. the HDMI cable plugs into the adapter and then to the TV. The iphone plugs into the adapter and voila my iphone running zwift projects onto the TV along with all the sound. I assume you have some form of trainer running blue tooth or ANT so you can utilize the cadence and power ratings it has. I heart monitor is also helpful.

Have fun and Ride On.


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The hardware inside a smartTV don’t have the power/ability to run a graphic intensive game like Zwift.

It’s already a miracle that Zwift HQ has made it possible that it runs on Smartphones/Tablets and Apple TV.

It should be possible in the near future. As of now some smart TVs probably have more or less same processors that are found in the smartphones - maybe not the latest tech but that also cannot be said about the Apple TV considering the price. But since the percentage of people having the top of the line TV is quite small I cannot see Zwift putting out too much resources into this. Although if the TV’s operating system in Android based with newer Android version then TV-native version of Zwift could come into reality sooner rather than later.

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Should be able to do this with a chromecast no? I play video games on Google Stadia with a chromecast and its 4k intense graphics.

I don’t know about chromecast. If you have one, you can check for yourself.

Why not buy a old, used gaming rig, install a fresh Win10, install Zwift, hook it up to your TV and all is good.
A Haswell based PC with a GTX970 or sth like that should be enough for a good Zwift experience and costs about 150€.

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That computer will definitely run Zwift as I have one from 2014 with 16GB of RAM. I also have an even older PC with a crappier graphics card and only 8GB of RAM that also runs Zwift from 2009. CPU development has been so slow that Haswell is still able to run basically anything with enough RAM. You won’t be pushing 4k 60fps but who cares if it is cheap. Some TVs that are 4k will be able to upscale the feed from your 1080p computer graphics card up to 4k-ish too.

My first PC was a Core2Quad Q8200 with 4GB and a AMD HD5670 with 512MB VRAM.
It worked.
Now I have a i5-3470 with 8GB and a AMD HD7850. It works better but not perfect. But it was cheap. Cheaper than my Used 46" TV :slight_smile: