Common Guys!

When will Zwift have an available format for smart TVs? We have one computer that lives in the house and the trainer lives in the garage. Im tired of my tiny smart phone and would love to get a small smart tv to Zwift with. I REALLY don’t want to add on apple tv to do it either. With all the apps avail for smart tvs, you really should have a Zwift app avail!

Televisions, even ‘smart’ ones, don’t have the processing power to render a game like Zwift. If they did you wouldn’t need an Xbox or PS5 or other gaming box to play MMOs.


You can mirror your phone to a smart TV cant you?


Well I don’t know. Im 50 but can noodle around with tech. Help an old lady out. How?

What is your phone? What is your TV? That’s key info to provide guidance on how to mirror. If you do get it working, expect it will be fairly low resolution. i.e. phone resolution just made to appear larger on your TV.