iPhone to android tv

Hi? I’m trying to run zwift from my iPhone X to an android tv via html cable. It appears on the tv screen ok but not at full screen size, Any ideas how I get the sizing correct? Thanks, Nick

I would suggest checking the image scaling options on the TV itself; this isn’t a Zwift-specific issue.

Thanks, yes, tried all the different scaling options, none make it full screen.

It’s not possible to change the aspect ratio etc, it renders as per the phone. See also people using iPads in 4:3 connected to 16:9 TVs.

Example: Zwift on Ipad not turning to fullscreen on TV

Thanks. Would Apple TV help or make no difference?

Yes Apple TV should help with that

Thanks. I see I need 4th gen or higher. Does this mean 4k? Confusingly I see there are 2nd gen 4K, would this work with zwift?

Assuming you mean brand new, just buy the most recent version (2022 model). To be clear, you would be running the game directly on the Apple TV, not on your phone any more. Not casting to the Apple TV.

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4th gen refers to the Apple TV HD. I don’t recommend getting that. Any of the 4K models should be OK but you may as well get the 2022 model as Dave mentioned.

Thanks Paul and Dave,
my bike, trainer, screen set up has cost enough already! So I might be diving into eBay for a cheaper apple tv. From what you say a 4K 2nd Gen 2021 would be okay for zwift? Or do I need the latest for a better visual?

They’re all the same in terms of graphics, and it’s the same as your phone. If you’re wanting something better than that you’ll need to look elsewhere.

I’m sure graphics from Apple TV will be fine if it’s the same as the phone. The main thing for me is getting the image taking up the full tv screen.

Just get the cheapest 4K of any version you can find then. Bear in mind the oldest have a crappier remote. The clickwheel version is worth seeking out.

Thank Dave