Apple TV 4k 1st Generation

As my aging Ipad no longer supports Zwift and can’t be upgraded to the latest veriosn of IOS I have purchased a TV screen to pair with the Apple 4K TV I bought a few years ago. I belive it is the 1st Generation 4K TV which will cease to be supported by Zwift in the near future. Does anyone know when this will actually happen ?

There’s been no news on Apple TV 4K models (or even the previous non-4K model) being discontinued. Where did you see that?


Hi Steve,

I spent a few hours setting up Zwift last night on my new TV screen using Apple 4K. It was a slow process as the Apple remote is difficult to use until I paired my IPhone and used the touchpad. Once installed and password entered I got in ok but there was a message on the screen saying I something about not using the latest version but it was well past midnight.

I started Googling and am sure I saw something about 1st gen not being supported but may have disappeared down a rabbit hole after all the agg I had last night.

I’m searching through my phone search history to try and find it but hopefully I am wrong.

I will check the Zwift on screen message once a TV stand has arrived and I can see things properly.

Thanks for replying


The message you received sounds like you just need to update Zwift. There was a new release a few days ago, so if you had downloaded it previously it just needs the latest (but not really greatest) changes.

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I think your reference to 1st gen Apple TV not being supported is referring to older generations of ATV, and not the 1st gen of the 4K model (which is actually the 5th gen of ATV).

Thanks for all your replies. I’ll load it up it and take a look again over the weekend and let you know but it seems I mistaken thankfully.


An update, the TV and Apple 4K TV have ben sucessfulyy installed in the garage and there are no issues or messages on the screen. Thanks again for taking the time to answer.