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Is it possible to use a non smart TVs to run Zwift,thanks in advance.

It depends on the rest of your set up. I have used Zwift and a non-smart TV by connecting an HDMI cord from a PC/Mac, as well as using with Apple TV (my present set up). I would guess, though have never tried, that you might also be able to use Apple AirPlay from an iPad or iPhone, if the TV is equipped for that (though any AirPlay equipped TV is likely to be Smart). I think I have also heard of people who use Chromecast from their computer, though there is often some lag.

Also, for what it’s worth: I don’t think having a Smart TV would be any different than a ‘dumb’ TV, as long as you have a way to connect a PC/Mac/Apple TV/whatever to it, because Zwift cannot be run directly from the TV itself.

You don’t need a smart TV for Zwift and it has zero benefit. The game itself runs on a separate device (computer, phone, tablet, Apple TV etc), so you can use any TV or monitor as the display.

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I have a 24" touchscreen monitor sat on my tri-bars. Game changer for me (I’m very short sighted)

Interesting. That sounds like a great set-up.
I started with a 12.9 in. iPad that I still use, because of the touchscreen interface.
I’ve experimented with an Apple TV (and a standard monitor) and a laptop (again, non touchscreen), but I just miss the simple functionality of the iPad screen interface. The graphics are ‘basic’ profile, of course, so I’d love to try a larger touch screen with a PC that can deliver ‘ultra’ quality.
The only problem I could foresee would be the screen blocking airflow to you upper torso and head. Is it an issue?

I think your screen should always be within arm’s length. :sunglasses:

No, never been an issue. But I have my fan on my right hand side (window on the left).

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I guess that makes it easier to interact with the UI. I’m always struggling to see where my mouse pointer is when, for example, I want to click one of those orange Ride On thumbs against Riders Nearby. Would be a lot easier just to poke it.

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Here I am stuck in the middle with you

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I would like to see a picture of that!

Excuse the mess :slight_smile:


Thank you. Very nice…