Using Apple TV to TV

(Dallas Parr - TrainMe) #1

Is there any instructions on how to do this?

(Mark Hewitt) #2

To do what?

(Jaime Salas) #3

Need more info, what are you trying to accomplish… or was this post meant for the Apple Tv Forums. :slight_smile:

(Dallas Parr - TrainMe) #4

I would like to know how to put onto TV. I have Apple TV. Is there another Mac software that would allow me to vie on my tv???

(Jo Carver FOXY MOXY) #5

Just simply run your Mac through Apple TV as you would AirPlay.or simple mirroring

(Buster Bulldog) #6

If all you want to do is display your Zwift ride on a TV simply use an HMDI cable. Some Macs have an HDMI port, some have Thunderbolt (use a thunderbolt to HDMI connector). Older Macs and PCs may have a DVI or VGA port but you can get converters for that too. Then mirror your display in Settings. 

(Jo Carver FOXY MOXY) #7

Buster is RIGHT I use the thunderbolt to HDMI.

(P.O. Proulx -#TeamMoVelo) #8

share display miror mode 

(DB Smith (65+)) #9

If you have an Apple TV connected to your workout tv, it’s dead simple to use AirPlay to stream Zwift to the TV. No wired connection between computer and tv is necessary.

(Nate Kemp MNSTRS🚴🏽545) #10

How awesome would it be to have a native AppleTV (4th gen) app for Zwift!?  

I don’t know how they would pair the sensors, though maybe there is a way to fake sensors as an AppleTV-friendly bluetooth game controller.  

Putting the Zwift experience on a TV in such a straightforward fashion (rather than futzing with moving a PC and large LCD monitor into the room) could really enhance the usability and thus the market potential. 

I bet it could even be impressive enough to get some “enhanced marketing” from Apple.