I want to install a TV on the wall of my gym
I have a feed from a HD antenna coming to Amazon Recast that feeds the out put to Fire TV cube
only connection to TV will be a FireTV Cube

  1. How do I link the Zwift to the TV ?
  2. what are the minimum requirements for Zwift ?
  3. If I buy a Smart TV - what Smart TVs support Zwift App ?
  4. is Zwift supported on Fire TV Cube?

I will be using Zwift for running and Cycling. Both equipment will be facing the TV.

Thank you.

  1. You would use an HDMI cable or Chromecast from a supported device (PC, Mac, Android phone or Tablet, iOS or AppleTV).


For Android if you find it in the Google Play Store on that device it should run Zwift.

  1. None

  2. Nope

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Hi @Balaji_Sundara welcome to Zwift forums.

We have a support hub that will walk you through what you’ll need to run the Zwift app, what bicycle and trainer hardware you can use, and so on.

Please feel free to ask questions if we can help you get started!


I can tell you about my setup. I use an older (non-smart) LCD LG 40" TV with an HDMI cable running into a HDMI to lightning adapter plugged into my iPhone. My iPhone is getting connected to my home WiFi. For this I am using my home 5GHz network not my 2.4GHz network and bluetooth on the iPhone is enabled to pick up the sensors on the Kinetic trainer and the HR monitor.

The setup works great.

Are there any plans to introduce Zwift natively to smart tvs? It’s such a pain for my boomer parents to get all of these devices synced up properly each time. Native app on smart tvs would be a game-changer.

Smart TVs aren’t as smart as your smart phone or Mac or PC.