highest spec setup? 4K etc

What is the maximum output for zwift? can it run on a  4K monitor? can I boost the graphics with multiple GPU’s? Will a bigger network connection smoother?



Graphics wont be boosted, as they come from source.  If your tv has upscaler it can add lines.


Sort of like running dvds on blu ray player with hd tv.


But really the mid-line specs is the best for the setup.   My setup is focused more on comfort and size.

720P projector (90 in screen)

2gb gpu

dual core cpu 2 ghz

But i spent more money on the trainer a whaoo kickr.

You can set any resolution you want in the prefs.xml config file. That’s in your documents/zwift folder.

For 4k resolution you’ll need a decent gpu. Not necessarily multiple ones, a GTX980ti for sure will work, prob the GTX980 also.

Zwift doesn’t generate that much traffic, only data is send, with the data everything gets rendered locally. For your rider and the virtual world network connection won’t matter at all. Only the other riders around you could be impacted, with a really slow connection they might jump from one spot to the other. 


I have access to any graphics cards / hardware, wanted to see whether it was worth putting a machine with multiple GPU’s in etc, will try with 4K monitor and gtx cards to see what looks best.

great tip with the xml file.


Ant, I don’t believe Zwift supports SLI/Crossfire at this time. So multiple GPUs won’t be of much use right now.

I just purchased a system with a GeForce GTX 950. Moving up from a 2014 15" MBP. Should be a substantial improvement in quality and FPS. I only plan on running on a 40" TV at 1080p so 4K wasn’t a requirement. 

Would love to see some performance reviews of Zwift with various GPUs.