Hardware recommendation for remote PC monitor

I’m looking at setting up a PC monitor remotely (not physically attached to my PC) so I can use Zwift away from my PC. Anyone tried that and has recommendation for reasonably priced wireless video adapters?

DC Rainmaker just wrote a blog about options casting your screens.

I’ve used Apple’s “Air Play” with an Apple TV device – It can stream Zwift over a distance of more than 40’ and down a floor in my house. Works great with just a Garmin ANT+ USB stick plugged into the laptop (again, over 40’).

Don’t know if Apple TV will work with PC.

Does it have to be a PC monitor?  I’m wirelessly broadcasting Zwift to my TV using a Microsoft wireless display adapter and Intel WiDi (Miracast).

DCrainmaker’s blog post does cover just about all the bases:


No but I’m not going to set up my trainer in the living room. The plan is to get a new screen for my PC and use the current one in a corner of my office so the bike is not in the middle of it over the winter. I found a $55 Miracast adaper on Amazon, just not sure if it’s fast enough, what adapter are you using?

I’m using a Steam Link to stream the computer display to another panel. It requires that you run Steam on the computer, and you can’t use the full-screen mode of Zwift (maximised window works fine).

It’s possible to run wirelessly over WiFi (your computer must be on the same network), but you lose quality/latency doing so. If possible, a wired network to your machine is better. It adds a bit to the system requirements, but runs fine on a medium powered gaming computer (I’m running a Core i5 4690k@4.4GHz and an nVidia 770 4GB).

The Steam Link has an HDMI output, so a way to accept that signal is required on the display you’re looking to use (either directly, or via some form of adapter).

Note, though, that this setup effectively mirrors the computer display and using the computer for other things at the same time will be somewhat limited.

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@Christer Kaivo-oja - I was thinking of try this sort of setup. Does the Ant+ dongle stream from your steam link as well?