Strava losing data on name change

Hi there, 

I have noticed an irritating issue on my last couple of rides when the upload is made from Zwift to Strava. First, the name I enter into Zwift transfers perfectly to Garmin Connect along with all the data including elevation. 

However, on Strava the name of the ride seems to ignore the Zwift at the start, which I want to include so I can see at a glance which of my rides are virtual and which are real-life. All of the data, including elevation is there until I change the name to add the Zwift back in and then the elevation disappears. 

Might be a question more for Strava than here, but does anyone have any clues how (or if) this can be fixed? Could it be because I have Zwift set to upload to both Garmin Connect and Strava, but also have my Strava account setup to automatically synchronise rides from Garmin?