Zwift Data toi Garmin Connect

Hello. I cannot manage to activate Data transfert from Zwift to Garmin. Strava is working perfectly :frowning: Any Link Where I can check this issue please :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

In your companion app go to settings > connections and check that Garmin is checked. If it is and data still isnโ€™t transferring unclick it to remove the permission and try resetting the connection.


Garmin is well noted with OK. If trying to connect it is jumping Away and just appearing on Same Screen again in Zwift Compagnon.

Trying another App like Training Peaks, it is bringing me to a Login Page on Trainingpeaks.

This is just not happening with GARMIN, but with all others.

What can I do ? :frowning:

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Zwift Forums a รฉcrit:

Did you try here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

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Super. It was working with this new Link.

Happy Sunday.

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You Made my day :slight_smile:

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I was about to enable a Garmin connection through this link, however got caught up with the language below. Why does it sound more like my Garmin data will be uploaded to Zwift, rather than the other way around? Ie. will my IRL rides that are done through garmin end up put into my activities in Zwift?

*By connecting with Zwift, you agree to share information from your Garmin Connect account to enhance your experience with Zwift. This may include activities, location, heart rate and related metrics, calories burned and other health or personal data.

Do you agree to share information from your Garmin Connect account with Zwift? You can opt out and disconnect from Zwift at any time in your Garmin Connect settings.*

Contact Zwift Support about that.

Will do. Thanks. I have no interest in seeing yearsโ€™ worth of Garmin activities uploading into my Zwift activities, if that in fact would occur.

Nothing gets uploaded to Zwift, there is no way to do that.