Climb portal name missing when exporting to Garmin

My climb portal rides at 50% scaling have the activity name displayed correctly in my Zwift feed and Strava but in Garmin Connect they’re all called “Thio Virtual Cycling”.

Any climb portals I’ve done at 100% scaling have the correct naming in GC. Haven’t done any 75% or 125% to see what they’re like.

Anyone else notice this?

When I complete a Climb Portal ride and it is exported to Garmin the name is very generic, “Virtual Cycling”, and doesn’t include Zwift or the name of the specific climb from that day. All the other routes in Zwift have specific names that export to Garmin, like for example: “Zwift - Shorelines and Summits in Watopia”. Here’s a screen shot from my iPad of what it looks like right now:

When I look at my activity history in Garmin, a name like “Virtual Cycling” doesn’t tell me much about what ride I did in Zwift that day. So, I go into the Garmin app and manually update it with a name like: “Zwift - Bealach na Bà (Climb Portal) in Watopia”. This, or something like this, is what I hope Zwift engineers can update the name to look like so that I don’t have to manually update it every time I use the Climb Portal. Thanks.

Were both of your rides done at 100% elevation scaling?

All of mine lately have been at 50% scaling and they’re all called Thio Virtual Cycling.

I did some 100% scaled rides back in November/December and looking back some were named correctly (ie matches Zwift/Strava names) but some were just called Virtual Cycling.

All the Climb Portal rides I’ve done so far have been at 100% elevation scaling.

I also got the same issue, All my climb Portal rides (all at 100%) are shown as Virtual Cycling in Garmin Connect.

Typically my Zwift activities will end up in Garmin Connect with the appropriate Zwift activity title. My France Climb Portal activities have started showing up as Thio Virtual Cycling. If you’re not familiar, GC default-names activities based on where it is “[rough location] [activity type]” so something is causing GC to interpret the activity as happening at the actual GPS coordinates, or dropping the custom name just from these activities.

I have ridden entirely in the normal France area (the Epic race last month specifically) and that activity had the correct title. Every other activity in other locations, including Watopia Climb Portal all show up with the correct Zwift activity title.

Most but not all of these were at 100%.

So I’ve at least figured out where the Thio in Thio Virtual Cycling is coming from. There’s an area called Thio on the island of New Caledonia where all of my climb portal rides are mapped. When Garmin creates the ride name for a real life ride it always starts with the area the ride happened so the portal rides must not be syncing the way a normal Zwift ride does (ie where it doesn’t overwrite the activity name).

I’ve only been doing the France based ones so not sure if this also applies to the Watopia ones.

Thio “prefix” started to appear in my Zwift ride namings on Garmin Connect for me too.
Dunno sure when was the first time but it was not like that a month ago.
(cannot check since I remove dublicate saves from Garmin Connect)

Yes that’s how Garmin default-names things as mentioned in my post a few weeks ago. This issue only affects France climb portal rides as Watopia is mapped in an entirely different place.