Strava deletes all zwift segments except for zwift insider verified ones

It’s like when do you Ventoux in real life, but because of bad weather stop at Chalet Reynard and go down again you will get zero segments on your ride because someone decided it’s a really good idea to only allow a segment for the full climb.


Remember that Strava still allows you to create your own segments, but they will be visible only to you and, therefore, I would think you could only compare against your other times, as opposed to that of others. Hopefully this will provide some solace.

It does seem odd that this was done without any notice, though. At least none that I saw.

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There is one sprint in Richmond (reverse) that is this short. But in the various Strava segments that (used to) exist there were LOTS of them, which is what I think Twoshihtzu was referring to.

For a tool which such poor integral tracking of history (30 day PRs) it just seems a very odd move when clearly ZwiftInsider haven’t geared up for the change with a critical mass of verified segments.

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Remember this is not a Zwift Issue it is Strava that made the change.


Can we just get a Zwift Insider verified “very intens”?


agreed this is not zwift’s fault at all, but it does greatly hinder our ability to analyze our efforts on zwift.

Fully agree

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Maybe @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn can make more verified segments?

He’s on it. Tell him in comments which ones you want.


Would have been great if Strava left what was there (locked it down perhaps), allowed for “certified” segments to be added publically and eliminated the public proliferation. Eliminating all the segments is a blow to us all.

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We can’t do the sprint segments because Strava says they’re too short! This has been a problem for years now… grrrr…

I just wouldn’t feel right re-creating that fine piece of work! Or this one: Rickrolled in Richmond | Zwift Insider

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Delete (or make private) all your Zwift segments Eric. I’d love to see the stuff really hit the fan then.


This is great news! There was so much rubbish for segments - had to keep hiding them and staring the Insider ones.

All we need now is for Strava to use the official Zwift Maps for virtual rides that originate from Zwift so the map looks right - that would be amazing.

Ha! Brilliant idea.

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Except that this is an obvious area of mutual interest on which Zwift should have worked together with Strava long ago – unless they did, and it failed, or this is the result.


I’m happy to see this, there were far too many, redundant segments.
It seems that there will be new ones, created by those at Zwift Insider, and that’ll take a while.
Hopefully we get (at minimum) these as segments:
All sprints & KOM’s
All routes, both with & without the lead-in
All full climbs, like the Epic KOM & Radio Tower combined.

Of course there are others that cry to be segments, like the short steep climb in Innsbruck or maybe the stairs out of the subway in London.

The majority of what you listed already exists w/the exception of many sprints. The problem with sprints is that many/most of them are too short and Strava will not allow a segment to be created. I believe the threshold is 300m :man_shrugging:

Yes, but because there were so many overlapping & redundant segments it was difficult to isolate one’s that represented what I was looking for.
I will miss the “Leg Snapper” in Innsbruck, but that’ll be back, or I could just create it to track my progress.