Stop Adding Makuri Routes

Can Zwift please stop adding Makuri routes already? It is getting out of control. Some of us actually enjoy completing routes for achievement badges but you are adding routes faster than they can completed. Plus they are all redundant and boring. Move on already, you have enough.

So you like completing routes, but dont want more added, as when you have completed them they become redundant?

So no new ones for you to complete, which you enjoy doing, as there are too many for you to complete… which can be completed at any point in time?

Just so i am clear… thats what you are saying?


If you did one a week, you would still be completing them faster than we’ve added them.

Also, no-one is forcing you to ride them.


Well put :smiley:


Counterpoint: Please add more routes.

In the 3-4 months I’ve been Zwifting seriously, I’ve completed all but six routes, with only the epic rides remaining. (Watopia’s three “Pretzels”, Quatch Quest, and Four Horsemen, London’s PRL Full).

Most Zwifters want more content, not less.


The average route length on Makuri routes is 13.5km.
That strikes me as too short.


It’ll get longer as more expansions are added alongside Yumezi and Neokyo. That’ll provide longer and longer routes as those sub-areas are connected together. Watopia didn’t start off at the size it is now.


Perhaps. However, the OP does have a point, in that there are now 24 routes on a relatively small world.
Watopia has 35 routes now, that are not listed as Event Only or Run Only on the Zwift Insider page.


Not only this but please add a nifty function that allows us to make our own custom routes and maybe even selectively control which HUD we have displayed instead of the on/off toggle.

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There are threads for both of those items in the Feature Requests forum.

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I would like to modify your statement to say that all Zwifters, myself included, want more DISTINCT AND ENGAGING content. I have no problem with more, bring it on. More worlds, more routes, I’m fine with it. Just don’t create routes for the sake of the creating routes. They should be unique and non-overlapping as much as possible. Zwift could create an infinite number of routes if they wanted. Quick turn here, quick turn there, stop here, stop there, the possibilities are endless. But when they start creating routes that go over the exact same roads over, and over, and over again, those of us that are addicted to completing badges are getting bored. If you want to add more routes that is great, but make it so that we don’t feel we had to earn the same badge 5 times over. Otherwise we’ll just lose interest.


Ride faster :joy:.

Seriously though, the longest one is what, 35 km? Most people could probably finish them all in a week without trying too hard. Or you could just ride (or not ride) them at your own pace whenever you feel like it.

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Every year (literally every year no exaggeration) the tri academy is released with bugs that are never fixed (only work arounds are offered) and you and other zwift related personnel and mods ignore the mounting post as if that section of the forum is invisible but this you respond to.

Something relatively trivial and unimportant.

Not only do you respond to it you give a flippant response that implies this posters issue is irrelevant and unimportant (it kind of is, you’re not wrong but thats not the point).

Maybe with how recently and badly you guys botch your response to the dude you banned for exposing an exploit you knew about for at least 2 years you should take more care in how you address your users and their opinions.

Even if they are stupid sometimes. It’s not a good look to be rude to them publicly.

Well, the bad news is that Makuri is in focus to expand at least to as big as Watopia (or even bigger) based on the Minterviews in the podcasts.

While I don’t like Makuri, my dislike based on the terrible execution which boggles down CPU power, I expect that in the coming two years we will see Makuri greatly expanded (possibly with the “long awaited” Fuji climb to rival Alpe du Zwift).

So strap in for the ride, badge hunting will be tiresome in the upcoming years :slight_smile:

Genuinely not flippant. I don’t like New York very much. So I don’t ride there.

You’re entitled to your opinion, but I was just stating a simple fact.


Just ride the worlds and routes that makes you happy.

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I definitely agree, it’s not a recovery ride or a racing map…It rarely has a long even flat.


I’m a fan of more routes because I like the double XP for new route badges even if I don’t think the routes are anything special :slight_smile:

If I don’t like the route itself then I just pick others to focus on once I’ve ridden them once.


Four Horsemen should be called Five Horsemen. The finishing lap of Jungle Circuit just about ruined me for life…


:laughing: I was just looking over my remaining route list. ZwiftInsider categorizes on a “1 to 5+ bidon” scale for route difficulty with only five routes in the last category.

Several of the routes - Über Pretzel, Four Horsemen, and London PRL Full - really deserve an “Hors catégorie” rating - they’re just on another level.

I imagine when I eventually do attempt those, they’ll be full day rides with several long breaks for rest and food.