Steering Toy and Repack Rush

Hi Folks!
I invested into Zwift’s beta steering controls and I find that they are pretty inconsistent at this point. I’m coming off of an injury, so I haven’t trid them in a steering race, but I have given them a shot at Repack Rush and find that they don’t really work there. My avatar takes the same line, whether I use the steering controls or not. Anybody else finding this?

Can you tell us more about your set up? From the way you have described the situation, it sounds like your Play controllers may not be paired to the game.

Hi Nigel,

I’m using a Tacx Neo II and using an Apple TV for my interface. I have to use Companion to connect because of the limited bluetooth access on the Apple TV. The pairing window shows that the steering controllers are connected and I can see the little steering icon in front of my name on the rider list on the right. The buttons work, just not the steering.

Interesting. Have you check to see if the Play controllers are on the latest firmware release? (And the Zwift and Zwift Companion apps, also?) Have you force-quit both the Zwift and ZC apps? (Yes, I am grasping at straws here.)

That may be the problem. I’m not sure how to update the firmware on the play controllers. Zwift and ZC are all updated.

Am I the only one with this issue?

When not in the Zwift app turn on your controllers.

In ZC select Zwift hardware from the menu.

ZC will connect to the controllers and check for a firmware update.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot and let you know.

It did need a firmware update. i successfully did it, but it’s still not working at all now. (Battery is fully charged, I started them up first, before I started anything else. Zwift tells me they are connected. I’m stumped.)