Starting Location for Run Routes

Does anyone know of a way to start a route somewhere other than the beginning? I typically run like 2 miles only, so I just get the same 2 miles of terrain every time on whatever route I’m on (of course I can go backwards to add some variety…). A few versions ago I could join a random Zwifter and start my run wherever they happed to be at the time. Long story short that trick no longer works with the current version. It would be great to pick a starting point / mile marker to start my run so I could enjoy more of the rich Watopia scenery but for the moment I’m stumped…

There’s no way to change start position.

The run with option has made a return.

You could also choose to run with a pacer which will put you wherever they are on a course at that time. You can then just maintain your own pace.

With 3 worlds and multiple routes that many have different start points I’m surprised you’re hitting the same roads all the time.
You could also do a u-turn from the beginning and go backwards.


If you join one of the running Robopacers your run will start wherever they are on their route. You’re then free to run at any pace you like and navigate where you want.

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This was my first thought, also.

Thanks for the replies. The problem pairing up with the pace partners (or actually real people that I’ve friended to try and do this) is that I am linked to their pace - my speed no longer is connected to my actual pace it’s just like I’m watching a cartoon. Oh well I’ll saunter on.

You can run your own pace. I think when you first join it will keep you at the pace partner pace for so many seconds whilst you get settled but then it’ll revert to your actual pace and you’ll either drop back or speed off.

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I agree that losing the ability to join any Zwifter must be frustrating. At least with cycling there are plenty of Pros to join and you can then quickly leave them to ride alone. Not many Pro runners out there to join.

Just a few possibly stupid questions

Are you running all the world routes not just run routes. Obviously many of the world routes have the same starting point but I would have thought there are still plenty of different starting points not to get too bored.

Do you cycle on Zwift ? If so you can always join a Pro cyclist, (you don’t even need to pair to cycling power source etc just skip that stage) hit menu, re pair to running and you will be in the middle of nowhere to start your run. Not ideal but might provide another option.

I also wish they would put the “ride with” option back the way it used to be. I used to run along with my husband when he was riding uphill. Obviously, eventually he would reach the downhill and zoom off, but it was pleasant for both of us to interact during his climb and I would get to run through some scenery that I wouldn’t usually reach on my 3-5 mile runs. I suppose I could still ride there myself and then switch to running, but that would be a different sort of work out and would involve changing shoes & shorts. Really, just switch it back so runners can join bikers. The starting points are usually in very dull places. Off topic, but I can’t stand that they’re putting buildings and infrastructure everywhere, overdeveloping virtual worlds. Yuck.


The ride with feature is there. It returned a couple of updates ago.

I did see that the “ride with” is back, but it now only shows professional runners and pace bots as joinable. I can’t run with my husband, who is cycling up a hill.

Have you set him as a favourite? If so he should appear in the list.

Yes, he is a favorite and shows as such on maps when he’s nearby. I haven’t tested recently whether it would allow me to join him if we were both riding. We used to ride together all the time too, but now I run more often than ride, as women need more weight-bearing exercises for bone health. Sigh. But since it’s only showing me professional runners and bots, it seems the problem is that runners can no longer join riders. In any case, being able to start anywhere would solve the problem.

Easily solved. Join as a cyclist with hubby and then go straight into the pairing screen and change to run.

Pair your treadmill or foot pod and you’ll then be next to hubby and able to run.

You can flip between running and riding without exiting the run/ride.

Peggy I’m 100% with you. To pair up with someone they have to be a “favorite” so I’ve been randomly “friending” people to create the opportunity to run with them (from a new starting point) but it is a cumbersome process (I can only request like 30 or so a day and I give up). I just did my run tonight and with about 10,000 people on Zwift, the odds of one of my random “friends” being online are slim. It’s just frustrating because it worked great a few months ago when as a runner I could just randomly join any biker (no “friending” required) and then go my own way and enjoy new Watopia scenery. Oh well I get it’s a first world problem, I guess I’ll just keep requesting that feature be reinstated every few months who knows! Thanks Everyone for the conversation around this, and Happy Zwifting!

Can you flip between them in a Meetup?

If so, does the Keep Together still work on you after you’ve switched to Running?

It doesn’t no.
And provided you don’t select meet up only view then you’ll be visible.

The runner effectively exits the meet up.

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Dang. I was hoping for some Rocky style workouts with some of our teammates running at high speed next to the bikes.

I calculated i could beat my pals up the Alpe, me running and them cycling. We could do it using the technique I’ve described but so far the challenge hasn’t happened.

What’s your pb up there and I’ll see if you’re in my grasp.

I think my PB is about 72, but Zwift didn’t keep that ascent for some reason, so all I have is the total route time left, including lead-in and descent. :frowning: Right around 72, which I like to think of as a ‘big climber’ good time :smiley:

Keep practising then pal. You’d be watching my backside shuffle off into the distance.

First thing I’ve ever won in my life, even if it is virtually.

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