Join a Zwifter is now on the New Home Screen [November 2022]

Hi Zwifters! As discussed in this forum thread, we’re bringing back the Join a Zwifter functionality in the new home screen. With our 1.31.0 release, you can now join people Zwifting now that you have favorited or followed via the Zwift Companion app. You can also join pros and verified Zwifters. The Join a Zwifter feature is available as the first card on the “Just Ride” row of the home screen (we’re planning to move this up higher soon).


  • Join someone riding/running right now that you have favorited or followed.
  • View the average speed and elapsed time of the Zwifter before joining
  • Pedal assist is enabled for a short period when you join another Zwifter.

What’s different from the past:

  • Browse Zwifters you can join regardless of their world/route
  • Favorited Zwifters are at the top of the list, with followed Zwifters next. Pro and verified Zwifters are at the bottom of the list.
  • You won’t see Zwifters you can’t join right now, such as anyone in an event.
  • Display the country flag for easier scanning of the list.

We’re still evaluating additional opportunities to improve the feature, so please let us know your feedback.






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Is it possible to Join a Pace Partner? I prefer to warm up a bit before jumping in with a Pace Partner but hate ending my ride to start a new one. Maybe there’s another option?

This might just be the best feature of the update even with the expansion, I was so frustrated when it was removed so I am overjoyed to see it back

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I can’t BELIEVE it took so long to put this feature back. Halleluiah!! Absolutely the best part of this update without question.

What’s more, they listened to the feedback from the community about enhancements (list your friends before pro’s for e.g.) - good job Zwift.


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I would love it if the companion app (ahem, protocol) could do this. Please bring that back too!

Thank you for correcting a very bad decision. That took an unacceptable amount of time.

Why is the Android OS version so rubbish and different from IOS?

I am on Android OS, with the last version 1.31 update but still the former home screen? Why isn’t it with the great new home screen?

We’re still evaluating additional opportunities to improve the feature, so please let us know your feedback.

Nice to see this moving in the right direction… the social aspect is so important to Zwift I’m surprised to see it has been buried for so long (and still kind of is).

What comes to mind is a “social/friends” tab that would feature this right at the top and is essentially this Join a Zwifter feature… perhaps with a badge showing you if and how many friends are online.


This seems unclear. Can you “favorite” a pace partner and therefore use the reestablished ‘join a zwifter’ function, or is a pace partner ride considered an event (since these activities seem to save with a special title)? Though I guess either way you’d still need to save out, and get back to the homescreen, right?

Although some reckon this feature is never used, not needed and therefore shouldn’t come back - I use it frequently to join friends riding on ADZ where it is not easy to catch them if I start later.

Good decision to bring back this function.

I’ve never used this, but I’m glad it’s back because it was a big pain point for a lot of folks.

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I would use this before to start somewhere really random or scan for a slow average speed to start on a hill

The problem with this is that you still have to use the companion app to add people to the list. This means you’ll need a smart phone capable of running the app. I use a laptop to run zwift and my phone is too old to run the companion app. Is there going to be a way to add people to follow using my Windows laptop.

If one of my children, with their child’s account, were to have their avatar permanently stationed at the top of AdZ on a never-ending, never-going-anywhere ride, could I just keep joining them again and again to accumulate XP?

Theoretically yes, but that is super lame and defeats the entire purpose of riding your bike/using Zwift… don’t you want to improve fitness and get stronger?


It’d be great for practising my descending! :wink:
Seriously, though, you’d be able to get quite a useful workout if/when Zwift introduce auto-braking for the hairpins…