Starting Location for Run Routes, Part II

I’ve been struggling with this for awhile and finally have a real solution. Background: the routes are long for bikers (20 miles or so) but since I only run 2-3 miles at at time and Zwift only lets you start at the same starting point, I never get to see like 90% of Watopia. One good option is starting with a pace partner which teleports you to their current location, but they only ever run on the same few (shorter) routes.

So I purchased a reconditioned laptop and dedicated it to Zwift and just leave it on / running all the time. Now when my run is finished I just leave the game on and it goes automatically into pause mode. When I’m ready for my next run, my avatar is still in the same spot and ready to continue along the route. I did disable Windows automatic updates since a restart will obviously reset everything. Seems like a lot of effort but until Zwift provides the option to pick a starting point I don’t know any other way to make this work. Ride (Run) On everyone!

so for running is there only one route

No, you can effectively run any route but like the OP says if you only run short distances you only see the same bits of road.
So he just continues where he left off.

Another option is to click to follow a friend and get teleported to wherever they are but again your average runner covers the same few miles.