Starting a run where I last left off

I have been using Zwift for many months now and I absolutely love it. Most runs though I am never going to complete in one session so I never get to see the rest of the route. I want to be able to run 5K or 10K of a particular route (as time permits), save that run where I am at the moment, and then pick it up again where I left off when I run the next day or the day after. For example, the “Dust in the Wind” route is 32.4 miles. I am never going to be able to run that in its entirety in one session, but I want to run the entire route 5 or 6 miles at a time so I can complete it. How do I do this? How do I save my run and then pick up where I left off the next time I run? If someone can show me how to do that, it’d be great. Is is even possible? If it’s not possible, this makes the longer routes of no value.

At the moment it is not possible to do that, but you can select the Run With option on the route screen and that might get you to a different starting point.

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Thank you Paul for your quick response. That’s disheartening. That makes completing the longer routes an impossibility unless you’re an ultra-marathon runner. It mean too that I am running the routes I choose to my distance limit and seeing the same scenery over and over again. It doesn’t allow for the runner to get to a new place of discovery or allow for the “adventure” of getting to that new place on the route. Those new places are out of reach. What’s in the middle of the “Dust in the Wind” route for example? It sounds like at this point, I’m not going to find out unless I can find a runner to run with, but what runner is going to be at mile 23 unless he/she is running a marathon? I think Zwift should make this ability a basic feature.

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I found a page on zwiftinsider .com /long-breaks/