Starting point in race


I am Zwift user and so are my riding friends. Is there a way for us to start form same point in same time in some random race?
Let’s say we choose Watopia in some time we all like, and we all to start form same spot so we can see each other from start - only 3 of us or more? Like in real life :slight_smile:
Normally Zwift puts you somewhere randomly on the road, but that is not what we want, and because of work or family we cannot catch some predefined race events. Is there some solution?


Zwift always put you always the same spawn point near the start banner, ( if the 3 of you choose the same route you should be close to each other.

Another option is to have one start riding and the other two will select ride with from the start menu.
Also it will help if you set the companion app to “follow” each other, that way you will see when the other are riding and will also see them on the map on the top right of the screen.

Or you can create a meetup from the companion app and invite your friends.