Starting Zwift at any place in Watopia (or any world for that matter)


I was wondering if there was a way to start riding on Zwift at any postition in Watopia?

For example, I would like to start at the base of the Radio Tower in Watopia without having to climb to the base of the the Radio Tower initially. Similarly, sometimes I would like to start at the base of the Alpe Du Zwift without riding the few Km to get there.



No there isn’t.

It has been requested before though. e.g. this archived feature request:

And this more recent one:

Go and vote for that. The more people actually bother to upvote feature requests, the more likely they are to be implemented.


There are a few routes that have different spawn points.
The fastest way to get to the radio tower is to spawn onto the Jungle Circuit and do an immediate U turn and you will be climbing the mountain in less than 1/2 mile. You still have to climb up to the radio tower.
If your level won’t let you into the Jungle, then Road to Sky is the next closest.