Starting Zwift at any place in Watopia (or any world for that matter)

(Stephan Jusypiw) #1


I was wondering if there was a way to start riding on Zwift at any postition in Watopia?

For example, I would like to start at the base of the Radio Tower in Watopia without having to climb to the base of the the Radio Tower initially. Similarly, sometimes I would like to start at the base of the Alpe Du Zwift without riding the few Km to get there.



(Daren) #2

No there isn’t.

It has been requested before though. e.g. this archived feature request:

And this more recent one:

Go and vote for that. The more people actually bother to upvote feature requests, the more likely they are to be implemented.

(Tim Camden (B)) #3

There are a few routes that have different spawn points.
The fastest way to get to the radio tower is to spawn onto the Jungle Circuit and do an immediate U turn and you will be climbing the mountain in less than 1/2 mile. You still have to climb up to the radio tower.
If your level won’t let you into the Jungle, then Road to Sky is the next closest.