Idea - Allow a user to select a start point on the map of the course before starting the course.

I like the of allowing a rider to select a start point on a ‘map’ of the course before starting the course. If it is a long course the rider may on want to do part of the course (eg the climbs say) so is not forced to do a long ride ‘to’ the climb.

hope this makes sense, just allows some flexibilty on where on a course i want to start my ride.

Ride On! :slight_smile:


this could also be used to start at your last stop position if you lost your connection so you could re-connect the files after.




This would also be extremely fun for groups of friends who ride at different levels. They could set up Fox and Hound rides. They’re so much fun and it’s a great way to include friends we normally wouldn’t ride with. Everyone gets super motivated. Right now we just stagger the roll out times. Pin drop starting points like this would allow everyone to roll out together and warm up at an agreed W/Kg before the hounds get released!

Hi, just bumping this. I’d also like this feature, especially for when I want to do the Epic KOM but don’t have enough time to ride there first, and get the climb in. 

Alternatively (or as well) I’d like the option to restart where I finished my previous ride.