Ability to choose a starting point via map

Pretty simple, have a good detailed map in the start window that can be zoomed around to explore the island (maybe different colours to display how many people in certain areas & elevations.

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Slightly conflicted as I quite like the idea that if you want to visit the mountain village or the radio tower that the only way to get there is to ride to it! That said some custom spawn points would be a good idea, even if it was just the castle, the ski village or hanks (for example)

i have often thought of this myself, it would be useful as well when trying to join other riders, you can start up at a point ahead of them to build up your speed


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I agree to customize your own “route” on the island to minimize rolling over the same area and start where you want to for your planned ride.


+1 please add this!

I think Marks has a good point.

Just 3 or 4 different spawning points that change randomly will be good.   I also prefer to ride to wherever I need to go. 

I would put spawning points at places where there is some housing like the square of Watopia, Wilkommen Village, the little village with the coffee that is always empty and maybe on top of hill route where there is a little building. 

Create little parking spots and let people spawn there for some added real feel.

+1 on parking area’s or something

Why is this still not a possibility? 

The folks at Road Grand Tours realized that and its been an option from the start.  Btw, RGT is getting better and better.  Currently their graphical environment is vastly more detailed/lifelike than Zwift -which looks more “gamey” when observed together.

Agree that a pick your start point would be great, especially for running. If I want to run on the Epic KOM it now takes me 3.2 miles to get there. No big deal on a bike, but that’s a decent amount of time running just to get to the part you want to run on. 

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