Routes have option for original Start point

Update for Jungle Loop places start near jungle loop entrance.
While this has it’s place, the original with a start at the original starting point should still exist, two start point options.  I like the climb into the jungle from start banner.
Jungle Loop start as it is now allows people to do U-Turn and collect free points on descent. (2km Free)

So what, it’s a game. We’ve needed a different start point for the Jungle since it was released as getting there is a bit of a chore, and this puts you in a good place to start from. It’s just about having more options and Zwift aren’t going to give us more options if all they get is moans about every single little change.

I think the point is that there should be multiple spawning points?

Looks like they’ve taken the community request for a start closer to the Jungle Loop but bumped up against the fact the Jungle Loop is a fixed route with a set starting point?

Likely a World development issue. I hadn’t really considered in would cause programming difficulties. Still shouldn’t be insurmountable since it’s not part of the time sector at that point?

Multiple spawing points are going to be essential as Watopia expands and the original start point on the Hilly Loop gets clogged, as it is now with 3000+ concurrent users on avg.

So for Jungle loop it’s essentially long & short versions. The issue of spawning points is still obviously an ongoing issue. Maybe one ZwiftCast can ask JohnM?

A lot of people have asked for a MTB descent route, so maybe we could get a spawn point at the tower.

What about having a start point option being the finish point from the last time you rode/ran the course?

I agree with the original post, starting closer to a particular section should be an option. I like the original start point because the 15 or so minutes ride along the ocean to get to the ‘interesting’ places is my warm up.

They put on the release notes for the latest update that the new Jungle spawn point was the first of a number of similar changes.

Also that they were considering adding an optional original starting point for the changed routes if the demand was there…

… so, if it’s something you want, then holler!! :wink:

Holler:   Here’s my vote for multiple start point options.  💵

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The ideal would be to separate the two, have a list of start points and the list of routes. You pick one of each and off you go. That way basically all permutations are covered. Obviously don’t put a start point at the top of the mountain, you should have to work to get there. Similarly, perhaps the jungle route start point should be just before the jungle banner, right down the bottom. For Watopia I doubt you’d need more than Normal, Jungle, Volcano, bottom of Mountain KOM (fwd & reverse).