Allow riders to set their spawn point

To be more precise, the default spawn point is around the big start/finish banner in Watopia. It would be nice to be able to specify another location, such as the Jungle Circuit start/finish arch. Maybe you have to ride past this point first, before you can set your spawn point there.

Agreed. While I wouldn’t want a spawn point at the top of the mountain - you have to earn it! The introduction of the Jungle means it can be a long ride just to get to where you want to ‘start’ from, so having a spawn point in the jungle course would be a good idea too.

Default spawn points are enough, in my opinion. 

I’d like a spawn point on the “other side” of the start/finish banner - that way if I’m doing a reverse route, I still get to start my lap at the start banner without having to cycle the wrong way for a bit and do an extra U-turn. On Watopia, I’d put this spawn point on the road leading up to the underwater tunnel for example.