Different Starting/Spawning Points - Watopia

As Watopia expands there’s an issue which I hope can be looked at as a feature addon.

When doing the original routes e.g. Flat and Hilly, and even later ones such as Volcano the current fixed spawning point is not an issue. It’s either on the route or close to it.

For the mountain route and the new jungle route it’s quite a trek to get to the starting point i.e Epic KOM, Jungle Gate.

Not, always an issue, but I’d like an option to start in a different point, closer to the mountain / jungle. As Watopia gets bigger this is going to be more appreciated.

Either a spawning point option e.g. default, xxx, yyy.

Or, alternative routes e.g. Mountain Loop & Mountain Loop CCW which starts you at the foot of the climb and loops you on the climb circuit. Same for a Jungle Loop.


Previously on Watopia it didn’t really matter, everywhere lowland was pretty close by and I wouldn’t want a spawn point up the mountain - as you have to earn it!

However having a spawn point in the jungle would be excellent as sometimes I would just want to do some laps there and don’t fancy the ride in. There is a road which leads to the pyramid in the jungle - which may be an alternative spawn point for the future.

For cycling, I’d be happy with a random spawn point - if for no other reason than variety. Sort like the “Surprise me…” for routes. For running, however, I’d definitely like to be able to specify a specific spawn point. For example, I’d love to crank up the incline on the treadmill and give the Radio Tower a try.

I’ve been doing that by choosing someone at random to ride with.

e too for the Jungle. It takes 15 minutes or so from the arrival point to the start of the lap counter. Why isn’t the counter right at the entrance??? And really, the crossing arches should be 1 km markings instead of random spots on course. But, that isn’t really a big deal.

If the pyramid is eventually a new starting point then the lap counter being at the furthest point will actually make sense. I guess we don’t have the full picture just yet.


And yes I’d like other spawn points, come at me with your downvotes lol

By the time I’ve got to the starting point for a lap of the jungle circuit I’m usually knackered. Would be nice to do a lap when I feel reasonably fresh…

Same with the London circuit as well. Why they haven’t sorted this is beyond me.