More spawn points for Zwift runners.

Using Zwift for running 5k at a time makes for a boring run given you will only ever see 5k from the spawn point.  The workaround I’ve done is to find a random rider and choose to run with them and then I get a semi-random placement on the map but it would be nice if you could choose to start in the ruins, for example.

Thanks Debbie.  We’re actually going to try having unique spawn points for each “route” on a given world. For example, if you chose to do the Jungle route, we would spawn you closer to the Jungle area.   This doesn’t take care of events, which still always start on a starting area, but it will get us one step closer to solving the issue you mentioned.

Thanks Jon; that’s great news!

It would still be nice to have more random or user definable spawn points.  I a currently repeating the same 5/10k all the time and its getting a bit old…