Select starting point on a ride

It would be great to select the starting point in the map for the route we are going to ride. For example, start in the aquarium in tiki’s tok or in the redwood section vs just dropped in any spot.

there are at least 3 starting points in watopia depending on what route you choose.

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Thanks Gerrie… what i was thinking about is… imagine i want to do some climbing and i want to start my ride at the base of one of the climbs of the pretzel route. Today I will have to start at the top entry point, and have to ride all the flat to the climbs. It would be great to start right at the bottom or top of one of the climbs instead. Not sue this is something that can be done today.

If you pick the jungle loop you are at the base of the epic KOM or a short warmup from the alp de Zwift

i would love to see that feature too pray for it for years maybe … :wink: :pray: :pray: