Start ride at a KOM starting point

I’m new having done just a few rides. Is there a way to start a ride at the starting point of a KOM climb? On the screen where you see leader times, there are several small dots you can click on with each one taking you to a particular zwift kom climb, where you can then see current times of riders on that kom. I recently attended a zwift/wahoo event where there was a contest allowing participants to test their times against other riders at the event. The segment used was called ‘zwift kom’, and it was .56 miles at 5% grade. After each contestant finished their ride, the next person got on their bike and again started from the kom start point, which is what I would like to do also, find climbs on zwift having koms and start a ride at the beginning of the climb. Zwift support has been very helpful to get me started zwifting, but they told me ‘this is a good idea and I should suggest it to zwift’; but I’m thinking that there is already a way to do this? Thank you

I don’t know of a way to do that. I think what that event did was to have a rider stationary at the base of the climb and then they pick ride with and Zwift will drop them next to the rider.

But I think you have a good Idea.

I am moving this to feature requests.

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Thank you, I was thinking they must have had some way of moving the rider on the course to the precise location where the kom started as there was not very much time between one rider ending their ride and the next rider starting their ride; maybe there is already a way to not necessarily select ’ start ride at kom start point’, but somehow move your position on a given course using the keyboard or some way other than having to ride ‘x’ miles around the course until you arrive at where the kom start point is? I’ve seen a comment somewhere about using ‘keyboard arrows’?? Thank you

You can use the keyboard arrows to navigate at turns, but there is no quick way to get to the start of a KOM without riding there or meet someone there using “ride With”

Thank you Gerrie, appreciate your replies

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You’ll get the hang of it soon @Mike_Loberg_65 and as you learn the different worlds you will be able to navigate much easier. Plus, it’s nice to have a little warm up before hitting the KOM’s anyway. If there is a specific KOM you want to ride, let us know and we can help navigate you there in the most efficient way.

Ride on!!

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Mike, Look at this site for more route info.

Seems similar to this other request:

It’s something we’ve been asking for for more than 4 years. See these archived feature requests:

People also ask to be able to start from where they finished their previous ride, e.g.:

There’s much that could be done to enable people to use Zwift in a way that gives them more agency regarding where they can start a ride.

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