Start your ride anywhere on the map, also have one continuous ride using separate routes

Sometimes I just want to start in a particular section, such as starting at the bottom of a climb for practice. I don’t want to have to run the whole route to get to the climb. It would be nice to have a function where we can place ourselves on the map manually.

This kind of goes along with the exit to menu request. Sometimes I want to run a flat route like Tick Tock and then go straight to some climbing on Hilly Loops. But I can’t do that, I either have to ride from Tick Tock all the way to Hilly Loops, or close and save my ride to Strava, start a second ride, run that ride and save a second ride to Strava.

This is where closing to the menu would be nice, if we could do one continuous ride using multiple places before saving to Strava.

Make sure you vote up the existing request so Zwift knows what the users want:

I think that search contains both of your requests.

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Unfortunately it looks like a lot of them are archived now that I look at the search. The one that isn’t archived is a custom route builder that actually is a really good idea too, I upvoted that one for sure.