Switch back to start menu during the ride

(Takis Keldenich) #1

I discussed this in a few forums and noone knows if there is such a feature. It seems not to be possible to switch back to the first start menu where i can join other riders, oder join ride/races or just choos which kind of course (hilly, flat) i will ride.

Does anyone know how to do this? Noone needs it expect me? :slight_smile:

(Ignatias Robot) #2

Hey Zwift HQ, there are at least five feature requests asking for the same or similar. Would be good to rationalize to 1 to get a clearer picture of demand

(Takis Keldenich) #3

Oh, my fault. I searched for it, but haven’t found.

(Malcolm McPherson) #4

Don’t worry Takis, I can’t find it either. Must be buried deep in the forums. If it’s the PC platform you’re talking about I agree with you it’s very annoying along with a lot of other things. Zwift keep saying find the othe threads and vote them up lol. How?, there’s stuff all over the place in an unorganized mess.