Starting points

Why would you pick different start points for a set route? Given the nature of Zwift it has to be the stupidest decision in the gaming world. Its like starting G.T.A on level 1 one day and level 8 the next.

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t different start points for a set route.

Can you elaborate?

Trying to help you out but with an attitude like that I’ll be surprised if you get any further answers.


All the spawn points for a given route are within a few meters of eachother. If you are experiencing something else then you’re doing it wrong.

About 400m apart actually.The closest starts on the flat 200m from the start line. The furthest is 600m on a 4% downslope. It can change my overall time by 30 sec. Because i started at the 300m start point sometimes i have to go in and out of ‘Hilly route’ 25 times to start at that mark.

For clarification, there is a difference between the start of the route and the spawning location (the place where a rider actually enters the game). The “routes” always start in the same place. We spawn or enter the game before the route actually begins and that does vary to some degree. The spawning point is more of a staging “area” instead of a single spawning spot. When one considers how many users are entering a route at any given time, this makes a lot of sense. Just observe spawning locations as you pass them in game. Sometimes there can be 100 or more riders that have entered the game but haven’t moved yet. They are spread out along the side of the road, all starting at a somewhat different spot. If we were all consistently spawning in the exact same spot, we’d all be on top of one another. We would enter the game not being able to see our own avatar. By spreading us out some when we first spawn or enter the game, it improves the overall game experience. Hope that helps explain it.




I think he’s pointing out the absurdity of the response to your offer of help.


You have this completely the wrong way round. Tom was pointing out the terrible attitude of the OP / defending you.


Stuart, I’m very sorry–I was trying to highlight the OP’s temper tantrum, but I can absolutely see in hindsight how it could have been taken the wrong way. Please accept my apology for my bad communication word thing. :slight_smile:

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Apology not required if your intention was as described in your post above this.

It appears your message was ambiguous in its meaning. All clarified now.


It’s not the first time that I have tried to be a bit funny and had something fall flat, so I’m sticking with my apology :slight_smile: Peace

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