Stars in Workout 2

Did anyone using a smart trainer manage to get the stars in the second workout for the 30 second super low power right after the non-ERG sprints? It felt absolutely impossible to me to get those stars - just my trainer recalibrating itself and turning ERG mode back on while the wheel is spinning so fast from my all out effort meant I missed them every time.

Did anyone get them? Any tips?

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I missed all of them too, but got the workout credited in ZA so it’s all good. :yum:

It’s such a short segment that missing out on the XPs isn’t a big deal but I did find it annoying. I wonder if anyone was able to get them

I didn’t get any of the stars either.
I find those sections of the workout strange as there’s not really a situation where you’d be sprinting from a stopped position.

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I managed to get half a star on one interval, but missed the others.

Same I got half a star :star: on one as well… tried so hard for it to not catch me out… but failed :joy:

For me the low power sections were only 90w, so I missed the post sprint stars plus one of the pre-sprint ones too.

Guessing if my FTP had been better the low power sections would have been higher so easier to achieve.

My low power efforts were at the same wattage as you and that puts me in squarely in class C for races. I would guess we are pretty typical in Zwift.

On a positive note though I barely missed any stars in Workout 3

Ok, I don’t think either of us will get a pro contract though, so I wouldn’t get too worried.

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Completely impossible using the Wattbike Atom. Bike spins out completely after the sprints. Instant fail in terms of getting the stars.

That and I can’t seem to maintain a high cadence and relatively low power. I’m just too heavy for that I think.

No I didn’t get them either