Cant complete Zwift Academy

i have read that you need 75% of the stars of every workout, but I can never make the sprint workouts work.
After a sprint I need 70w in one training and 120w in the segment other right after the sprint.
It takes 10-15 seconds for my flywheel to slow down, than about 10 seconds for erg mode to catch up making it impossible to complete these sectors on both workouts.

Anyone else with the same problem?
Not going to do them again now but was wondering if I was the only one.
They should give you 30 seconds of free ride after the sprint to be able to slow down in time.

Is there a way to do this right?

Try easing off just before the sprint section ends. From what you say it’ll take a little while for your power to decrease which if timed right should be as you hit the banner for the end of the sector.

On the flip side you might need to start your sprint a fraction earlier too in order to allow the trainer to catch up.

Which academy are you doing? I am doing 2020 road and did not receive more than 50% of the stars sometimes. Still received the graduation for finishing the workout. Completing the worout does not mean earning all the stars.,

yeah, noticed that you dont need to get the stars to complete the workout so it doesnt matter as much now.

also I tried setting td to 0 and erg mode off for workouts is much much better.