Run Workout #4 Missing Stars

I just completed the fourth run workout (VO2 Max Development) and managed to hit all 15 stars. However, it only counted 13 out of 15. I even managed to get all the stars for the 100m recovery reps so I have no idea how only 13 were counted at the end.

Is this an ongoing issue in Zwift or is it something on my end that went wrong?

As well, I know the stars don’t mean anything for academy completion or team selection, just frustrating after hitting those 100m sprints and recovery reps.

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Same happened to me today, except my workout only shows 6/15 stars so doesn’t meet requirement of “finishing” the workout. Does this mean I’ll have to do it over again??

I have the same problem too. Did the Run workout 4 and met the pace for each segments but only got 7/15 stars.Would like to check if this is considered complete for the tri academy?

Apparently they don’t see it as a non complete session if you don’t hit all stars according to rich Melik one of the Zwift coaches. They won’t look at the stars data

Oh ok thanks for the info. But it’s frustrating to complete the workout per pace set but can’t seem to nail the stars. I think the culprit is the short 100m sprints and recoveries.

Yes totally agree it’s too short a time for the treadmill or wattbike to get the speed or watts down for it to then level out. I found that on the 1km efforts it was full star but 100-200m was not noted

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@shooj any idea on why this workout isn’t registering all the stars when we’re actually getting them? I’ve attached a photo from my workout. I did receive a star for the warm-up and you can see an additional 5 stars, but only 5/15 have been counted.


Let me ask the right team. Stand by, please.

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Our Tri team tells me that the stars have no bearing on the workout completion and how that person will be assessed for the Zwift Academy Tri program.

There’s no need to redo the workout. The stars are there to give you an indication of how you’ve performed (more of a gamification feature). The stars are not a grading scale for Zwift Academy talent identification.

The stars are a guide for how well you’re hitting your paces. Running on a treadmill vs. outdoors presents some inherent challenges to nailing pace. The accuracy of your speed sensor can make a difference, as can the time needed for the treadmill to slow down / speed up. We are looking at ways to improve running workouts to better reflect these challenges.

Regarding this image - did you complete the rest of the segments? It looks like you screenshotted on the sixth out of the 15 segments?

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I did complete all the segments and receive stars for them, but didn’t notice the problem till the end when it showed 13/15 on the workout summary. The screenshot was the auto pic taken by Zwift, I would have taken a screenshot of the whole thing had I known it wasn’t counting them properly. The screenshot is missing the warmup portion so I’m actually on the 7th segment.

I used this screenshot since it was all I had, and I’ve never missed a star on a warm up or cool down ever. Is it possible to not get stars on the warm up and cool down?

I’ve had the same issue with short intervals. I know I’ve hit my numbers and if I’ve had a good workout or not so I don’t let something like stars bother me.

Ultimately you want preform better and make progress. Stars don’t really measure that. Neither does exp or in game level so try not to get to caught up in those things.

Or at least that’s what I try to do

Yeah I get that and don’t stress about it. I know the stars don’t mean anything in the academy selection as well. I posted the issue because it was an actual glitch and wanted to find out if others had a similar issue or if it was an issue on my end.

@shooj Well I decided to improve upon my first Zwift academy workout and try to go for all the stars. But here is proof of the stars not being counted correctly in the Zwift academy workouts. The first photo clearly shows I have received 5 stars but the counter only shows 4/27. I finished the workout and earned every single star but only received 26/27. This clearly shows there is a bug and I’m not crazy :crazy_face:

On a side note, can we expand the Milestone/ Zwift pod calibration to include 5 speeds (10, 11.5, 13, 14.5 & 16 kph for example). I decided to recalibrate my pod after the academy since I was going to do some aerobic runs and needed it to be accurate at lower speeds. But once I go into the higher speeds, in this workout for example, it is up to a full mph off. I was running at 17.6kph and it was showing as 15.3kph. After the workout I decided to recalibrate again for 11.5, 13 & 14.5 kph, and it works fine at those speeds. But once I go 16kph, it only shows as 15kph on Zwift. If Zwift was able to go from 1 to 3 speeds, how much more work would it be to go from 3 to 5?

@shooj did this problem with the workout stars get looked at? I provided updated photos but never logged a ticket with support. I’m still wondering if this is an issue on my side?