Stars completion in workouts

I’ve done my first run workout ever, but all my recovery intervals and the short 100m sprints have either no or half stars.
The reason is that treadmill takes a while to ramp up from recovery to sprint speed, and even more to go down from workout speed to recovery. So I end up doing a faster recovery then planned. Not a big deal… 8km/h or 6.9km/h is not that much of a difference, but Zwift thinks I failed that interval.
So, in the first workout (waves) I got 21 stars of 27. I understand that it’s enough to complete the workout in order to have it count for completion, but I suppose the number of stars will also be used in order to rate the 53k people that registered to the academy.

Any way to workaround this issue?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Simone.

We understand this is a frustrating experience with various treadmills and ramp up/down for some intervals. While we do not have a workaround for this at the moment, we will be looking into ways to reduce this frustration at this time.

That all said, the number of stars achieved will not impact your ratings in the selection process.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Thanks so much.

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Today I did another workout (the second 6 x 800m) and I started reducing the speed in the treadmill when I was about 10 sec from the arch. I still failed 2 stars (I suppose the short 200m initial sprint) but better than the other time :slight_smile:

Also the start is important: treadmill should be already at speed, otherwise from 0 to the 6-7km/h of the first interval takes forever, and also that one is a miss.

But good to know that stars don’t count at all :slight_smile: