Workout Stars allocation


My first post and in general I’m loving Zwift. There are wide variations on how stars, and therefore points, are allocated in Workouts. Some give a star for each element, some give a star for a “block”. This became a problem for me when I dropped my water bottle and didn’t hit “pause” during a block of 6 elements lasting nearly 40 minutes, which only had one star. I didn’t get a star or points despite only being off the bike a few seconds. I raised this with Zwift and they said to discuss it here as they take notice of what people ask for on the Zwift forum. I would like to see a Star for each individual element of a workout and lower points for each one. That way if you fail one element for what ever reason you are not unduly penalised. If you could vote for this approach I’d be very grateful.

I hope I made things clear , if not please let me know.