No stars in workout mode impossible

I did a group workout mode.  Its impossible to get any stars.  I have a wahoo kick. I had erg on.  I was very smooth with my cadence.  My power was either way over or under.  All the time.  Out of 10 stars i got 2 1/2 stars.  The workout wasn’t to hard either.  The goals of the workout were fine.  I was actually stronger than what was asked.  I was trying to be smooth and get stars.  So if the workout was for 205 watts for 1 min,  it seems you go over or under for one second it won’t get you a star.  

Suggest you do a support ticket. Something isn’t right. When I do a workout I get the stars almost every time. I’m using a Hammer in ERG mode. Being a bit over or under doesn’t matter and my curves oscillate over and under the target power by a few watts and more so if I use my power meter. The only time I might not get the star is if I’m doing a short 10 second all out interval where the trainer can’t ramp up to the power target quickly enough. I still get them half the time when doing these.

No, stop. You need to cover basics first.

You did not say if you ran a spin-down calibration. Your symptoms are saying you might not have. Pair screen, click on the wrench for your power meter.

Two types of ERG workouts: One wants any RPM you give out and adjusts itself to get a wattage, and the other type wants you to give RPMs at a certain power, I don’t do the second type, I like to pedal at my RPM choice and ignore the too much, too little messages.

Calibrate your hardware, your metrics (weight, FTP), pedal away.

Note ERG mode means easier pedaling going uphill, harder going downhill.

As far as i know my trainer is working correctly.  Trust me i want this to work.  I have done about 3 workouts.  Just about everyone get 1-2 stars at the most.   I really like the structured workouts more than just riding,  but i want my points.  really want the Zwift aero bike.


I have a kickr and its been working correctly for sometime.  Should i do a spin down more than the suggested 2 weeks?    The last work out was a combo of rpm and power.  It was a group workout.  If im correct from what i read be very steady with cadence is the trick.  Thats what I’ve been trying to do, no shifting.


Thanks for the help.