ERG/Power/Points Problem

I did one of my structured workouts this morning and had some issues. Wondering if anyone else had problems.

  • Rolling resistance in ERG mode seemed unusually high this morning.
  • I reduced my FTP from 300 to 270, but the resistance didn’t seem to change.
  • I recalibrated my trainer and restarted my workout. No change.
  • My average power was 230, compared to 185 the last time I did the workout (even after dropping my FTP).
  • I scored only 173 points on a workout that usually nets me about 800. My speed was a PB on Zwift.
  • 26.8 miles should have given me more than 173 points. And I was seeing only about 10% of my normal points for given intervals during the workout.

Any ideas?

wahoo trainer by any chance…?

CycleOps Magnus

probably just standard wheel-on trainer shennigans then. taken the bike on/off the trainer recently? tire pressure same as usual?

ur getting less “points” cos ur not starring the workout intervals i guess (assuming you are referring to exp?)

I had the bike off to change the tire yesterday. Everything else is the same, including TP. I haven’t changed any settings on Zwift itself except dropping the FTP because of the increased resistance. Kind of did that as a field-expedient solution to the problem during the workout - didn’t seem to work.