Stages LR + AppleTV4K -> Garmin

I’m looking for advice on how to connect my devices, the objective being to get the maximum amount of data including left and right power data and all the Zwift distance, climbing etc into Garmin.

Watch: Garmin Fenix 6X
Smart Trainer (controllable): Wahoo Kickr
Power Meter: Stages LR cranks
Running Swift: Apple TV4K
HR: Garmin Dual

Tried so far:
Option 1 - start an indoor bike workout on the watch, connecting the Stages LR. Use Kickr for Zwift power/control in Zwift on appletv. Outcome: Only power and cadence data in Garmin as you’d expect. I don’t link Zwift to Garmin because I’ll end up with 2 workouts.

Option 2 - Use Zwift Companion (ZC) to connect StagesLR as the Zwift Power, Kickr as the Controllable, HR Dual. Upload from Zwift to Garmin. Outcome: No LR power metrics, just basic power. However I do get the rest of the Zwift data coming into Garmin just fine.

So how do I get the best of both worlds? Does Zwift not parse LR power data?

I don’t know how the L/R bit works w/regards to pairing in Zwift.

However, the Apple TV is Bluetooth only and limited to two connections. You have more than 2 devices (i.e., HR, Kickr, Stages). You’ll need to pair thru the Companion app or get a ANT+ to BLE bridge (e.g., Viiiiva HRM, NPE Cable)

Simultaneously pair everything via ANT+ to your Garmin which should work w/out issue. I do this all the time. Zwift via BLE and Garmin via ANT+.

I end up w/2 files which contain all the same information. Zwift auto uploads to Strava and so does my Garmin Connect. But Strava is smart enough to know notice duplicates and discard them. Make sure Zwift uploads first. Then hit Done on your Garmin so that it will auto upload to Garmin Connect.

Thanks Alan. In your suggestion, is your Garmin Connect showing any data from Zwift like maps/ elevation/speed or just recording the workout (HR/power)? If Strava combines the data from Garmin and Zwift, how does it then go back to Garmin?

I’m pretty sure that Zwift only cares about the overall power figure and doesn’t use/display your L/R data. You’ll have to look at it in another app, e.g. Garmin Connect, Golden Cheetah.

I run a Garmin 1030 head unit that collects L/R data over Ant+ from my Favero Assioma pedals. At the end of the ride it uploads directly to Garmin Connect. The data from my Stages bike goes to Zwift and Strava.

Garmin Connect shows HR, power, cadence which is what is paired. It will not show a map since there is no GPS involved (indoor mode). Remember to set this, otherwise you’ll get a horrible mess of a map. I do not have speed. But, you could if you pair a speed sensor to your Garmin such as the trainer or a Garmin speed/cadence sensor.

Strava does not combine the data from Garmin and Zwift. My suggestion is that you will first pair everything you need/want via Bluetooth to Zwift. Next you will pair everything once again via ANT+ to your Garmin. You will be dual recording (i.e., Zwift and Garmin). If you start and stop them at the same time, they will appear as duplicates to Strava. Thus, Strava will only allow the first one it sees to upload and discard the second one. Garmin Connect will only receive the Garmin upload. Zwift doesn’t send to Garmin Connect.

Hope that clears things up for you.

Thanks for all the feedback above. It sounds like I can’t combine the LR power data with a Zwift map/distance/elevation data transfer inside Garmin. So I’ll continue my old method which was to record a workout in Garmin with the LR power and HR via Ant+. After that I can manually type the distance and elevation gain into Garmin Connect, which is good enough.