Stage 2 TdZ

Just a comment about the TdZ Stage 2 A course. Did Zwift really need to make the end of the stage JUST BEYOND the top of the climb? And if so, it was very confusing to have the summit banner there but NOT have that be the end of the race. I quit at the top, thinking I was done, and then did not get credit for completing the stage. This after nearly 90 mins. of hard riding. I know, I was stupid and should have noticed there was 0.1 miles left, but at that point in the ride, I was not thinking or seeing straight! I love everything about Zwift, so I hate to complain, but this seems really cruel.

They made this change to try and avoid the graphics glitch on Apple TV and iPad. These devices crash when passing back under the banner at the top just before the descent.

It didn’t work…

Thanks to Zwift for fixing this and crediting everyone with stage 2 completion!

Not stupid. Glad we got you sorted.