Stac Zero Halcyon & Android & Bluetooth FTMS

Hi all,

I got stuck setting up my new Stac Zero Halcyon (which is a smart trainer, not to be mixed up with Stac Zero, which is a powermeter only). According to Stac Support, it shall be connectable using Bluetooth FTMS to control smart features, but the device is not listed within Android App.

Controlling the trainer smart features from Stac Support-App using same android device (Oneplus 5T) works, well.

Any hints are very much appreciated!


It’s likely your Halcyon was still paired in your official Stac support app. I do see on one pairing, you were able to connect Zwift and your Halcyon as a power source to your OnePlus Android phone, but I don’t see a single pairing afterward. It’s likely the bluetooth components were already paired elsewhere and would have needed to be unpaired before they’d show in Zwift. Sorry about the trouble, though!


As far as I know, Zwift has not fully implemented the FTMS protocol.
The Control Point is missing for FTMS.
→ The Android version is not able to control any FTMS bike.
It can only read the Indoor Bike & Treadmil data.

Other Bikes (like Kickr) are implementing another BLE protocol.
And it seems that Zwift is already supporting them.

→ Just wait and see :slight_smile:


you are right. I switched from Android to AppleTV and here everythings works well (besides well-known AppleTV 3 bluetooth device limitation)