Can't control Tacx flow t2240 from Samsung s6 Lite tablet

Hi, I have just joined Zwift and, as yet have been unable to find my Tacx flow as a controllable trainer. It seems as though others have had the same problem historically. I have tried various things suggested on here, including updating firmware, making sure no other bluetooth device are connected etc. etc. but no luck as yet. I can use zwift and connect the Tacx as a powersource and for cadence, but cannot use it to control resistance. My tablet apparently has Ant+ built in and I assume this includes Ant+ FE-C. Does anyone on here use Zwift with an S6 lite and Tacx machine successfuly? Any tips?

Many thanks.

Hi @Jim_P welcome to Zwift forums.

The Android app does not support controllable trainers over the ANT+ FE-C protocol just yet. This is one of the big development projects for Android that we’re working on.

You found the right board, though. When we are ready to announce this feature, you’ll see it here. In the meantime, I would recommend you pair via Bluetooth. With the Android version - please make sure that other apps (Garmin Connect, Strava, etc) aren’t stealing the BLE signal before Zwift starts up.

Hi Shuji,

Thanks very much for your quick reply. I have found it quite hard to get definitive information on ANT+ FE-C support. I was aware of trying to make sure no other apps were stealing the Bluetooth signal and have turned off the BT on my phone and have my Garmin device turned off too. I am sure there are no other devices paired with my trainer. I also have an HRM and assume this is not going to be an issue? It connects fine into Zwift. If I already have my Tacx connected as a Powersource and for Cadence, presumably that is already using one or more BLE signals? Is there anything else I can do to ensure my Trainer can connect as a controllable one?

Many thanks.

Ok, I have learnt more now and am also more confused and a little annoyed. Seems Zwift on my laptop running Windows 10 will connect properly to my Tacx flow from the other side of the house using Bluetooth but for some reason my Samsung Tab S6 Lite will not, despite also having Bluetooth built in. Looks as if the problem is that the S6 also has native Ant+ and connects as a Powersource and for Cadence to my Tacx using Ant+ but will not try to use Bluetooth to connect ‘Controllable’. The Tacx is visible as a Bluetooth device to my S6. I tried disabling the Ant services on my tablet but then Zwift refused to connect period. Can Zwift be configured at all and why is it asking me to turn on Bluetooth when 1) It is already on, and 2) It won’t be using it anyway?? Can I use my Android phone with Zwift as a bridging device or should I give up? Not overly impressed considering all the information suggests an S6 Lite is a great tablet for Zwift. Thanks.

It seems the Tacx flow broadcasts two BT signals and my device was only paired with one of them. Maybe one of them is for broadcasting data and one for control. Having discovered there were two and making sure my S6 Lite was paired to both, I then found that for both powersource and cadence, I had a choice of connecting using Ant or BT. If I went for BT in both cases, the ‘Controllable’ pairing then found a BT signal. Eureka! I shall be celebrating with some hill climbing…